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Hand Care
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  • Colorless and transparent gel
  • Premium Hand Wash with 69% Ethanol
  • Contains hand skin protection and moisturizing ingredients such as green radish extract, tea tree leaf extract, aloe vera extract & natural herb oils.
  • Nourish and moisturize the skinrefreshing without stickiness.


  • 无色透明凝胶
  • 高级洗手液,含69%乙醇
  • 包含护手皮肤和保湿成分,例如绿萝卜提取物、茶叶提取物含芦荟提取物和天然药油
  • 滋养和滋润皮肤令人耳目一新,不黏腻。


How to use 使用方法:

  1. Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces of both hands, including between your fingers and up around your fingertips and nails. 
  2. Rub hands together for 30 seconds to allow your hands to completely absorb the product and the hand sanitizer to completely dry.


  1. 取适量涂抹于手部肌肤,搓全手包括指甲部分,至到30秒或免洗手啫喱完全干透


Ingredients 成分:

Ethanol 69%, Purified Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Virginia Rhododendron Extract, Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Extract, Centella Extract, Rosemary Extract