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Coreana Ample N
Coreana Ample N
Coreana Ample N


‘Ampoule’ and ‘N(=and)’, Coreana Cosmetics proudly presents you the Derma Cosmetic Brand that scientifically prescribed the active ingredient of the ‘Ampoule’.

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  • Pearl extract provides abundant amino acids and minerals essential for your skin developing into a soft and silky skin. AMPLE:N's derma-shot technology charges moisture effectively and locks watery of your skin.
  • LOCK moisture for long-lasting glow: Light moisture barrier locks active ingredient that enables long-lasting hydration.
  • Perfectly customed recipe for hydration: Patented hyaluronic acid and xylitol complex are blended in ideal proportions to moisturize your skin.
  • Skin comfortable Emulsion: The amino acids and minerals contained in the pearl extracts help strengthen the skin barrier, helping to grow healthy skin that is strong against the outside environment.


  • 含珍珠萃取:提亮肤色,强化肌肤屏层
  • 有效锁水,让您拥有水光肌


How to Use 使用方法:

  1. Massage desired amount of the product into the skin after serum.


  1. 使用精华液后,把产品适量的涂抹在脸上,轻轻按摩拍打至吸收